Friday, 22 June 2012

The Avengers

So I haven't been blogging exactly. I guess my only excuse is laziness. Basement dweller much? hehe....
Anyways, exams just finished and I'm going to improve my life from now on. I guess I have tripped but I am willing to get back up.

So I'll be talking about The Avengers. I must say that I really enjoyed the movie, but I plan on watching it again to really appreciate it as much as other people do. I read online about how awesome it was but I guess the reason I was "let down" was because I expected something a bit more.....serious? I will mention what was awesome and what wasn't, in my opinion.

This is a SPOILER WARNING in case you haven't seen the movie. But if the title hasn't given it away yet, then this is the warning I guess.

Anyways on to my first point. Before the movie I didn't really like Hawkeye and Black Widow 'cause they aren't really major compared to Spiderman. Their uniforms didn't really stand out to me but I have to say the movie really used them wisely with the amount of time they had. The fact that Hawkeye was turned bad at the start was awesome. He looked badass with the coloured eyes and the silent obedience. I like how Black Widow really cared about him and I loved their history.

Captain America's leadership was pretty well portrayed and I love how Bruce Banner and Tony Stark bonded as scientists. That really helped put things together. Tony's humour was still spot on and Thor was surprisingly used well since it probably was very difficult to meld in a god who talks "fancy" compared to the rest of them. I am willing to ignore how he got back to our realm but I am pretty sure it was explained through some prequel comic book or something. I must admit explaining that would have been irrelevant since it wasn't his movie.

The part where I was put off a bit was when they were arguing in the helipad in a comedic manner. I usually expect to see scenes like that in a family movie starring <insert white comedian here> (Steve Martin maybe? I don't know. Too lazy to google it....or should I say "bing" it? :P). Alrighty then I could have ignored it and enjoyed that scene (which I did by the way) but another scene that was too light hearted was when The Hulk punched Thor and also the part where he threw Loki around. I guess the part where he punched Thor was a bit much for me but throwing Loki around was alright.

Those were the few scenes that broke the seriousness for me. I guess I went in expecting to see a movie about the Earth being in danger and them having no hope. But it seemed like they were having too much fun when fighting. A major problem I had with the movie was the part when they started fighting in the middle of the city. I must admit that if this movie came out before any of the Transformers movies I would have absolutely gone crazy over it. The sad thing is, I guess I was still traumatized over how "Dark Side of the Moon" killed quite a few brain cells after watching that movie. I officially detest huge war-like scenes in the middle of busy cities. I hate how the enemies weren't much of a threat. A bunch of nameless and faceless grunts. I know it is just an introduction to who they are and how they work together. I enjoyed that part but those little things got to me.

Generally I enjoyed the movie but I would have changed a few things. I don't know what exactly I would have changed but I would not have chosen the city fight scenes. I really hope that The Dark Knight Rises doesn't have a similar "destruction of the city" scene. I've seen the trailer and I've seen some scenes shot in the city but I hope they at least make it look less like Transformers.

I plan to watch the movie again and I will be back for a review.

Cheers people and stay safe.

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