Sunday, 29 January 2012

8:58 PM 29th Sunday, 2012: It's a good day

I stayed home today. A bunch friends want to watch Underworld tomorrow. I hope it's good. I'm not really good with bloody movies. I'm okay with gore but not in a creepy way. I can't really explain but I enjoyed 300. Anyways I'll probably put up a review on that tomorrow.

There's this game called Chrono Trigger that I decided to try playing again. It is freakin awesome and everyone should try it out. I've decided to learn one of the background songs from the soundtrack on the piano. Brilliant soundtrack and I suggest everyone listen to it.

I'll just say that Chrono Trigger is my favourite game and I just hope to find a game as good as this. The story is smart and really awesome. Filled with emotion and you really feel like you're doing something epic.


  1. Nice! Will be looking forward to the review.:)

  2. Defo look forward to the review too, can't wait to see it, even though i'm shit scared of werewovles hehe, (American werewolf in London, did it for me when I was little) totes agree on 300 though, i've seen that film sooooo many times :))) EPIC

  3. I've heard so many good things about Chrono Trigger. Just haven't had time to sit down and play it.