Sunday, 2 September 2012

More posts to come

I've been away for a while now but I'm back! Motivated to get stuff done.
Today I went out with a friend to work out and I'm feeling great about it. The weather was alright but I'm glad it didn't rain. I went swimming and I read somewhere that there's a tribe in one South East Asian country that can alter their pupils to see clearly underwater.
I wish I could do that! I actually tried and obviously failed to produce any positive results.
I've also been going on boat rides for a while now. Pretty awesome stuff!
Awesome picture of the sea (obviously)
So I will be posting more later. I will definitely make sure things go according to plan!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Feeling very unmotivated

I really don't know what to say right now. I don't like my life and I want to make something out of it. I guess I grew up thinking that I could be someone great but never realized the great effort that had to be put into it. I wouldn't say I'm spoiled but I would agree that I was probably unknowingly sheltered from reality of things. It's a weird feeling. I know I want to make a change but I end up playing video games during the school holidays.

From all the moments that I have had holidays, this is the first time I have been "self aware" of my actions. I really want to change. I really do. I don't know why I feel less than other people. I feel like I don't get how they are motivated to find a job when all they'll be doing is something they hate. I'm talking about holiday jobs here. I guess I am afraid to do something that people who succeed in the real world are able to do. I am afraid of getting up in the morning to go for work. I love sleeping in. This is what I fear most about my future. I know myself too well that I may end up just being very miserable and unmotivated to go to work...that is, if I get a good job in the first place.

This is probably why I got into blogging, hopefully to get some incentive to work or earn a bit on the side knowing I am not completely screwed with a fixed income. I have the drive in my head, but my body refuses to move due to the fear of failing miserably. I hate fear. I am scared of failing.
What am I supposed to do? I have so many hopes and dreams that I know I can accomplish only if I let go of the computer. The internet has a hold on me. Forums and video games and Facebook.

I know anyone who may stumble upon this blog post might know how I feel. I really do hope this blog helps me express my feelings about my life and finally pushes me to change my lifestyle for the better. I could say I am addicted to this lifestyle of waking up at 10am and spending 4 hours on the computer first thing in the morning before doing something else. I see all these successful people and when I try my best to be productive for a day, I ask myself, "is success really worth it if I am suffering here"? This is when I realized that life is indeed difficult.....or is it because I've been trapped in this lazy lifestyle for such a long time that it is extremely difficult to get out of it.

I just turned 20 and I wish to be a more productive person. I want to own a business and not work 40 hours a week with a boss looking over my shoulders. Working at Mc D wasn't so good and I'd actually want to work 60 hours a week if it means I am my own boss. Again I dream of owning something yet I'm not doing much at the moment because of fear.

If I could go back in time, I wouldn't even go near a computer. I would only sit for a while instead of spending hours. I have spent so much wasted time on the computer, I could've mastered a skill like singing or playing an instrument. I would've at least probably had the chance to cash in.

I also know that I cannot keep looking back. This is another attempt at being more productive. This hurts so bad. Internet addiction is extremely sad but I cannot waste my life like this. It hurts because I'm afraid I may never succeed in breaking it since I have tried so many times.

Depressing post of the year? Maybe.
Just reality in my case.

Good night.


The Avengers

So I haven't been blogging exactly. I guess my only excuse is laziness. Basement dweller much? hehe....
Anyways, exams just finished and I'm going to improve my life from now on. I guess I have tripped but I am willing to get back up.

So I'll be talking about The Avengers. I must say that I really enjoyed the movie, but I plan on watching it again to really appreciate it as much as other people do. I read online about how awesome it was but I guess the reason I was "let down" was because I expected something a bit more.....serious? I will mention what was awesome and what wasn't, in my opinion.

This is a SPOILER WARNING in case you haven't seen the movie. But if the title hasn't given it away yet, then this is the warning I guess.

Anyways on to my first point. Before the movie I didn't really like Hawkeye and Black Widow 'cause they aren't really major compared to Spiderman. Their uniforms didn't really stand out to me but I have to say the movie really used them wisely with the amount of time they had. The fact that Hawkeye was turned bad at the start was awesome. He looked badass with the coloured eyes and the silent obedience. I like how Black Widow really cared about him and I loved their history.

Captain America's leadership was pretty well portrayed and I love how Bruce Banner and Tony Stark bonded as scientists. That really helped put things together. Tony's humour was still spot on and Thor was surprisingly used well since it probably was very difficult to meld in a god who talks "fancy" compared to the rest of them. I am willing to ignore how he got back to our realm but I am pretty sure it was explained through some prequel comic book or something. I must admit explaining that would have been irrelevant since it wasn't his movie.

The part where I was put off a bit was when they were arguing in the helipad in a comedic manner. I usually expect to see scenes like that in a family movie starring <insert white comedian here> (Steve Martin maybe? I don't know. Too lazy to google it....or should I say "bing" it? :P). Alrighty then I could have ignored it and enjoyed that scene (which I did by the way) but another scene that was too light hearted was when The Hulk punched Thor and also the part where he threw Loki around. I guess the part where he punched Thor was a bit much for me but throwing Loki around was alright.

Those were the few scenes that broke the seriousness for me. I guess I went in expecting to see a movie about the Earth being in danger and them having no hope. But it seemed like they were having too much fun when fighting. A major problem I had with the movie was the part when they started fighting in the middle of the city. I must admit that if this movie came out before any of the Transformers movies I would have absolutely gone crazy over it. The sad thing is, I guess I was still traumatized over how "Dark Side of the Moon" killed quite a few brain cells after watching that movie. I officially detest huge war-like scenes in the middle of busy cities. I hate how the enemies weren't much of a threat. A bunch of nameless and faceless grunts. I know it is just an introduction to who they are and how they work together. I enjoyed that part but those little things got to me.

Generally I enjoyed the movie but I would have changed a few things. I don't know what exactly I would have changed but I would not have chosen the city fight scenes. I really hope that The Dark Knight Rises doesn't have a similar "destruction of the city" scene. I've seen the trailer and I've seen some scenes shot in the city but I hope they at least make it look less like Transformers.

I plan to watch the movie again and I will be back for a review.

Cheers people and stay safe.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

8:58 PM 29th Sunday, 2012: It's a good day

I stayed home today. A bunch friends want to watch Underworld tomorrow. I hope it's good. I'm not really good with bloody movies. I'm okay with gore but not in a creepy way. I can't really explain but I enjoyed 300. Anyways I'll probably put up a review on that tomorrow.

There's this game called Chrono Trigger that I decided to try playing again. It is freakin awesome and everyone should try it out. I've decided to learn one of the background songs from the soundtrack on the piano. Brilliant soundtrack and I suggest everyone listen to it.

I'll just say that Chrono Trigger is my favourite game and I just hope to find a game as good as this. The story is smart and really awesome. Filled with emotion and you really feel like you're doing something epic.

Friday, 27 January 2012

27th January, 2012: I caught the lizards

I've been away for a while. I've been sick all this time and I'm feeling a lot better now. I think I was too careless with the gym equipment. All the bacteria must've got to me. I have no other explanation for my sickness. I was dealing with the equipment in a good way but I wasn't  really 100% careful with the germs and stuff.

Anyways, my last post mentioned lizards mating. I found those lizards a few days ago right in front of me. I know it's a bit creepy but I just feel like I have to get it done.

I have a feeling my few blog posts in the following days will be boring because school hasn't started yet. I've been dealing with depression a bit to be honest. I didn't have the motivation to get on here and write up blog posts because I felt really depressed. What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do? I feel trapped in my own world. I know there are other things I have to worry about and I am pretty fortunate to have all the things I have now but my standards are pretty high.
That is the danger of the way I think. I cannot appreciate, I do not work hard enough for things I want and when I don't like my current status, I get depressed. I know I'm pouring out my heart and all but I guess I haven't really improved on being a "basement dweller". I thought I could go far and push myself by learning many things but I feel stagnant.

I just had a shower and I told myself things will change. I think the thing that depressed me was being stuck at home and injured. No gym to boost my self esteem? Was it all just a distraction from reality all this time? Am I using the gym as an excuse for my "failure" in life?

I hope I can pick myself up and change for the better. I've got this and I am strong. I will not let myself down. I'm going to be productive and I will stop being the self-loathing person I currently am.
Anyways, here is the pic I took. Have a nice day, people :D

*pew *pew

Friday, 20 January 2012

12:10pm 20th January, 2012: Lightning and Rain

Hi guys. Sorry for not posting for like 2 days now.
Anyways I went to the gym yesterday without sleeping in the previous day. I felt okay but when I got home I slept for like 12 hours. I didn't have dinner or anything. Pretty hardcore I know haha.

It's been raining for like the past week. Well not raining the whole day but more like raining in the morning with lightning and thunder. It's crazy. A sad thing is that two people have died in the main city due to lightning strikes. What do you guys think of lightning strikes? I really really do not want to die due to this. If you think about it, you really have no chance at fighting back at all. Throw a bear at me and I'll try my best to outsmart it since I know that I have no chance to wrestle it to the ground. Let a pack of wolves loose on me, I don't mind at all. I'll run as fast as I can or befriend the pack and run after someone else but I do not want a freaking lightning strike from some random spot in the sky. NO FIGHTING CHANCE.

In other news, I saw this show on tv yesterday about a company in Japan that focuses on moving stuff. When you move from one house to another, they help you move and provide many services. What amazed me was how they had all these special objects that helped people move. They had this special dish rack to safely store dishes when moving. How cool is that? There was this shoe shelf that you could collapse  when it was not needed anymore. So many things. Get this: they also clean your stuff before packing them.  
My only concern is that none of my stuff better get stolen when packing.

There was this rather famous teenage beauty queen who returned to her home land (where I currently live) and she had containers of her things transported to her home. The thing is, she had many awards and fancy medals due to her status and position as a beauty queen. The guys transporting the stuff apparently stole many things including shoes and medals. One particular medal that she lost that made me feel very sorry for her was this medal she got from The White House. I haven't heard much about the story but I'm pretty sure the thieves didn't get caught. I think they just hired random movers who didn't have a license or something. Also, the police have a bad reputation for not getting stuff done but I'm pretty sure everyone hates the police for one reason or another.

One last funny thing I have to mention is that yesterday morning I saw two lizards mating on the wall making weird sounds. I wanted to take a picture and post here just for the sake of posting but they ran away as soon as I got close. Afterwards the male lizard tried going after the female lizard making mating calls but the female lizard just kept going. I feel really bad for cockblocking the guy :'(. Especially since he probably eats nasty bugs in the house that would otherwise be a hassle for me to deal with. Sorry Lizardbro...... really sorry :(

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

7:09pm 17th January, 2012: Random pics from the previous days.

So guys, today was my rest day. Sorry for not updating yesterday. I pushed myself during my workout and I was really tired. I could've done a blog entry but I had to skype with a friend of mine. I had a lot of catching up to do and time just flew.

I mostly ate a lot and rested today. An extremely plain and boring day but I'm glad I still have the motivation to write about whatever is happening.

Okay I'm not sure if that banana looks huge to you guys but it definitely was. I tried to use my arm for comparison but then again, I don't think it really helps >.<

Most depressing weather ever.
Okay so I took this picture when I was waiting for the pizza to get done at this pizza place. It didn't look this depressing but, damn looking at again makes me feel really sad. The pizza helped a lot though so I guess I didn't notice this really depressing weather.

Now check this out. Not bad huh? I thought I'd leave you guys with an interesting view. Gotta love the sky. It's weird how I appreciate the weather once I see a picture of it but I usually ignore it when it's right around me at that moment.

Hope you guys had a nice day. I'll be writing another article on whatever. This should be fun. Didn't wanna leave almost two days worth of work empty so I thought I'd share these photos. :D

Cheers to all my followers and comments! :D

Many new posts to come soon!