Tuesday, 17 January 2012

7:09pm 17th January, 2012: Random pics from the previous days.

So guys, today was my rest day. Sorry for not updating yesterday. I pushed myself during my workout and I was really tired. I could've done a blog entry but I had to skype with a friend of mine. I had a lot of catching up to do and time just flew.

I mostly ate a lot and rested today. An extremely plain and boring day but I'm glad I still have the motivation to write about whatever is happening.

Okay I'm not sure if that banana looks huge to you guys but it definitely was. I tried to use my arm for comparison but then again, I don't think it really helps >.<

Most depressing weather ever.
Okay so I took this picture when I was waiting for the pizza to get done at this pizza place. It didn't look this depressing but, damn looking at again makes me feel really sad. The pizza helped a lot though so I guess I didn't notice this really depressing weather.

Now check this out. Not bad huh? I thought I'd leave you guys with an interesting view. Gotta love the sky. It's weird how I appreciate the weather once I see a picture of it but I usually ignore it when it's right around me at that moment.

Hope you guys had a nice day. I'll be writing another article on whatever. This should be fun. Didn't wanna leave almost two days worth of work empty so I thought I'd share these photos. :D

Cheers to all my followers and comments! :D

Many new posts to come soon!


  1. Hahah that's indeed a big banana!

  2. haha i like to use my arm to convay size when i talk to girls about my banana too :D

  3. Lol random banana, but the place you live looks nice in the second photo.

  4. Damn, I wish I could get a day of rest. Today is a 16 hour day with work/school and I'm so ready to sleep but I can't. Interesting pics btw.

  5. That is one BIG banana hehe ;) times like this when i'm a little sad I don't like them loool Nice pics of the sky too, it's pretty awesome to look at hey :)) Cheers for the follow, returning now :))

  6. I love these photos! keep em' coming!

  7. haha wow that is a massive banana, i like the story :)
    following +1

  8. That banana grew up next to a nuclear reactor. Also, I love bad weather. It's been a bit cold where I am at the moment, well.....cold to other people. I think it's perfect. I belong in another country.

  9. LOL that banana is massive!!! that's awesome, never seen one that big

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  11. Yes, I believe you correctly captured the proportions of the mega-banana haha.