Sunday, 11 December 2011

10:08pm December 11, 2011: Highlight of the day was the fact that I drove.

Today I went for a drive to buy ingredients to make home-made ice cream. It's rare for my father to be in a very good mood. I could say that he's slightly bi-polar just like myself but he's an awesome dad. It made him happy to see me driving and being independent but to be honest I felt really scared. Driving like that, all by myself. To be honest my biggest fear was crashing the car and upsetting him.

I would drive like a crazy mad-man (okay maybe not), if the car was mine. If I had the money to pay for the damages that I did, I would drive relaxed.

The incredibly ironic thing was that when I drove like I could pay for the damages, I was actually driving like a pro and at the same time I was able to talk to my father casually. I was able to talk to him about music, school and my brother's new job. It was amazing. For the first time in my life, my father treated responded to me like I was a grown-up. My father truly loves me and it makes me happy that he is delighted to see his son growing up.

The revelation I made today:
If you are afraid of something, because of some reason, act like that reason does not exist. Act like you can conquer the world, because some things are just worth it.

Good night everyone.

P.S. I love you, Daddy.

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