Tuesday, 13 December 2011

13th December, 2011: Wise Words from Dad.

Last night my father and I had a talk about life. We listened to old music and talked about the past. I realized my father and I had one thing in common. He said that it doesn't feel good when you eat food without earning it first. He says it is not fulfilling. As a person who has been sheltered for most of his life, I feel empty. I constantly look for that one thing that can change everything and fulfill me.

Honour is what I look for. Being able to pick yourself up and stand tall and be proud of something. People see you and look up to you and some may even envy you. That feeling of achievement is what being human is all about. We will all pass away from this Earth. One day we will no longer exist, and as long as we're alive I believe that we should all make a difference. Some people may say that they want to just relax and enjoy themselves. I want to change how people think and I want to inspire people.

I will try my best to change so I am not considered a sheltered basement dweller.
On the plus side, I got paid today and received a certificate of recognition for helping out in the data entry exercise. It was totally worth it. I hope I am contacted again so I can earn more money and feel good about myself. Waking up early and feeling like I have a purpose. I love that feeling.

Anyways my guitar skills are getting better. Been practicing for about two weeks straight. I've also been studying and I'm extremely happy. I can do this.

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