Wednesday, 7 December 2011

December 7th, 2011: I finally have a job, but first......

I am a basement dweller. I do not necessarily live in a basement but I have mannerisms and I have lived all my life gaining characteristics of a basement dweller. I do not have any real talents and I have been sheltered from the real world by my parents for all my life and have decided to blog about how I feel and see the world.

My story is that I currently hold a job. But it is only a part time job. I am still in University but I feel no drive to study hard. It hurts that sometimes I feel like giving up and that holding even a part time job is difficult. It is not normal for me thus I feel like giving up on the second day. My addiction to the Internet and the computer is very bad. The worst part is that my part time job involves being at a computer. It is very weird and very sad that even though I am at a computer as a job, I still feel lazy. The easiest possible way of earning money and I still cannot do it.

This blog is to track my daily life and improving myself as a human being. I am ashamed and I wish that I could change. I have subscribed to
I believe I can do this. I believe I can change.
I have many goals and many people who inspire me, both close personal friends and celebrities. In the couple of days, anyone reading this will be find out what my goals are and who I am.

This is my stand. I have to change.

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