Thursday, 8 December 2011

2:26PM December 8th, 2011: A Revelation

I just finished my work for the day. My work is based on productivity so the more tasks I complete the more money I get. My work is VERY tedious and repetitive and it was very hard to get through it. I realized something though. The funny thing is that, if you can push through and just ignore the fact that there's so much more to do and just do it like a machine blank in thought, you can do anything.

So if you want to practice a certain instrument or activity, just push through and don't care at all about what you have done or what more is left to be done. JUST DO IT. If you think too much about it or if you keep checking up on yourself it will not get done and you will form new ideas that will most likely cause you to quit. Anyways, I'm headed off home. It's been a good day because I just earned another $25. Seems so hard at first but once the money's made, it's just too freaking amazing how you spent time on the computer almost the whole day like a freaking basement dweller but instead you're earning money. Hope that made sense.

Anyways, I'm headed off. I'll be writing up on something interesting tonight, hopefully :)
CHEERS cause it's almost FRIDAY!

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