Sunday, 15 January 2012

12:43am 14th Friday, 2012: Kina Grannis - Cambridge

This blog entry is about Kina Grannis again, since I'm a big fan a.k.a Kinerd. Yes, I think I have a small celebrity crush but I'll still critique like a pro.

In all seriousness she seems like a  pretty cool chick that has this charisma that hits my soft spot in such a way that it tames this beastly heart of mine.

Her song "Cambridge" has to be one of my favourites. In my earlier blog post, I wrote about this wonderful lass and I mentioned about how I'm used to hearing songs about the guy hoping for the girl to notice him or somewhere along those lines. This song of hers is similar to those classic love songs but the roles are reversed (if you know what I mean).

I think the song is about a girl who wishes her partner would just make up his mind whether he's staying with her or not. I can imagine a guy who is unwilling to settle with the girl and is constantly causing fights because the girl loves him to the point where he thinks she doesn't have the will to let him go (*ahem not that I've been in a similar situation or anything).

The part that gets to me though is in the bridge where she sings:  "you once whispered words to me, wondering if anybody loved each other like we do". When I first heard that part of the song, and the way she sang it, I just kind of felt a bit sympathetic. The way she sang it in that video just seemed so genuine. Well to be honest these feelings are reinforced by my recent girl problems so anything I listen to amplifies my bawww units by 1000.

Sadly though the final studio and official version of Cambridge excludes a few lines from her original song (the video I linked). Somehow the original video is very expressive but some will agree her voice is not really in perfect form in the video. I mean she's not like Christina Aguilera or anything but not as good as when she's in her perfect state. The official version lacks the emotion shown in the original video BUT the song still stands on its own due to the  emotional and moving lyrics.

Now watching this video just made me realize how much she's changed.

Well the obvious difference is the hair. So guys, even as a person who has just seen her for the first time, which look would you prefer and why?

Anyways this is late compared to my usual posting but better late than never I guess.
Happy Friday 13th to all you guys that didn't have it yesterday like I did!


[EDIT: Images removed for possible copyright violation]


  1. Not really my style, cute girl though!
    And the second pic, she looks really young in the first one.

    1. oh yup *phew thankfully all pics taken were when she was above her 20's (hopefully anyways) haha

  2. She looks pretty good on both pictures.

  3. i enjoyed this very much it has opened my eyes

  4. Aw i didnt get to see the pictures :( time to google!