Sunday, 15 January 2012

9:26am 15th January, 2012: Batman Begins

Okay so I just watched Batman Begins and damn gotta say Nolan did an awesome job. I'm not really into comic books and I haven't read any comic books because it's hard to get a hold of one where I come from. Even so I must say Batman has to be my favourite superhero if I had to choose one. Mostly because of what Christopher Nolan has done with the movies. Really brilliant.

When I first watched Batman Begins I thought it was going to be a campy movie with a silly storyline. When it first came out I saw the part in the trailer where Morgan Freeman is showing him the gadgets and the explanation for him wearing a Batsuit but I just thought it was going to be a lame excuse to make it more appealing to the modern audience. I also thought the new "Batmobile" looked RIDICULOUS. Damn it took me about 5 years to see that I was dead wrong.

The introduction to how Bruce Wayne became Batman is really awesome. The writing is just amazing and how they were able to connect the events later on in the story. It is a truly brilliant origin story.

Most of the actors were just awesome. One of my favourites was the guy who acted as Carmine Falcone. Great performance and when I re-watched the movie I was just waiting for his scenes. Loads of respect for talent like that.

Cillian Murphy's performance was awesome as well. He auditioned for the main role but didn't get it. I guess Nolan saw his talent and kept him in the cast.

I must say the dialogue for the movie is brilliant. Very memorable and it sticks to the theme, which is: fear.
When we watch the cartoons and see other depictions of Batman, we see him as this legendary warrior and even if we don't think about it, every superhero movie should portray the main character as a legend. Especially if the hero is only human. Batman fans must have loved watching this movie to see that the main thing about Batman was done right. Otherwise it would just be this guy running around in a funny costume.

Speaking of the costume, I like what the costume looks like right now (The Dark Knight Rises). I think it's the same one in The Dark Knight but you gotta admit, this is looking pretty BADASS!


Link to costume.


I'll just link it in case it may be considered a spoiler but it seriously looks awesome. I hope it doesn't look ridiculous somehow but since that shot isn't from the actual movie I'm pretty confident my expectations will be met. Anyways back to Batman Begins.


I'll just say that I wasn't impressed with how the young Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins acted. His parents lying dead in front of him and he doesn't show much emotion. You could say he was told to act shocked but the kid didn't do a good job looking shocked. Well that's my opinion but I guess the other actors overshadowed his performance.

 Favourite moment: 
 Favourite moment has to be the last part. The dialogue is just really awesome. I can't stress it enough that the dialogue makes the movie what it is. I won't say much but this movie exceeded my expectations. I honestly thought it was just some other movie. I feel sorry for the makers of Batman Begins. They probably didn't gain as much money due to people like me thinking it was going to be another campy superhero movie. I know they got MILLIONS of dollars but I just wanna say..."Hey guys.. TAKE MY MONEY!"

If you haven't seen this movie, check it out.


 Happy Saturday guys :) (or Sunday)


  1. I really prefer Begins over Dark Knight, and unfortunately from what I've seen of Returns it wont improve over Dark Knight.

  2. looking forward to this! + following too x

  3. This one was certainly a huge improvement over the ones directed by Tim Burton...

    Personally, I think you can't beat the original with Adam West. (just kidding)

  4. I still need to see this film, I do love The Dark Knight though.

  5. I want to watch this.

  6. I agree with Infinite, I actually prefer Batman Begins over Dark Knight (partly because of the overwhelming hype from the latter). I also agree with Jimmy in that Adam West Batman trumps all.

  7. Loved this movie as much as Dark Knight.

  8. I have no favourites between Batman Begins and Dark Knight, I like each one on his way. Waiting for next movie.

  9. Loved this film.

  10. agree like rambo 4 ppl think its the same crap that the 3 ... actually was really good and an up to date

  11. I have not watched it yet, though I would assume it's pretty good.