Monday, 9 January 2012

6:35pm January 9th, 2012: First Week DONE

Okay guys. First week of Starting Strength done. I have been going to the gym and it's been pretty awesome. I feel a lot stronger and look a bit different so I cannot wait for the following weeks. I've been watching my diet as well. It feels good to be passionate about something again. The guitar thing is coming along great. I just learned the intro to "One Last Breath" by Creed. I love the intro because it's really complex.

Just watched the pilot episode to Terra Nova. I must say that I thought it would be more centred around sci-fi stuff but it looks like it's another family drama. I hope I'm wrong but either way I won't spend anymore time watching it. I watched a episode of Junior Master Chef and it was really entertaining. Gotta get used to DAT AUSSIE ACCENT. Oh yeah... I'd like to adopt some of those kids so they can cook awesome meals. Maybe make them learn super healthy stuff so I'm not stuck with oats and milk. Oh well, I guess I know what to make my children learn so they don't become even slightly like a basement dweller.

I just had cold coffee today after a long time. A long time for me is about 3 days and it just tasted much more awesome. Distance makes the heart grow fonder indeed. I didn't want to go to the gym today and I'm so glad I pushed myself to go. Almost ended up staying at home with the same routine. Stay home, eat, play games, surf the net, pick up guitar and then feel bad about not being productive later.

This whole gym thing is really making me feel good about myself. It's not about looking better or feeling better. It's about feeling stronger and enjoying the sweat and struggle. Every set feels good because it feels like a personal achievement. Nobody can judge and it is not opinionated. It is fact that I lifted a certain weight and my form was not bad at all. I like being in my own world just letting time pass by slowly while I do my thing. I like this. I should rest soon but I want to check stuff out. What to do....

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