Wednesday, 4 January 2012

8:00pm Wednesday 4th January, 2012: Okay I really am back!

So first post of the New Year. It's really hard getting stuff in line. It is so hard to write everyday. I really am a pathetic basement dweller. I can say that but I must not hurt myself and I must not degrade myself. I am awesome!
Okay I'm in a dilemma. Should I make go and pay $35 to sign up for a gym membership or should I just wait till school starts?
I have lost my motivation to play guitar. I recorded myself singing today and I wanted to cry. It was pretty bad but why should I keep going? I think i should. It hurts but whatever.

Parents making dinner. I ought to help but I just feel like I'll be pushed away. I should be the one making dinner. I don't want to be a basement dweller like some people I know.


  1. Let your blog entree be the realization of the burning passion you can create to be the change you want to be! :D